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     Here at Dragon Legacy Kung Fu, we specialize in teaching traditional Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu). Not only is Kung Fu the ultimate in self-defense, it is one of the most effective systems of personal growth and development. This means that in addition to learning the martial arts and self-defense aspects of Kung Fu, you will also improve your awareness, focus, confidence, patience, self-respect, flexibility, coordination, strength and all around fitness. Training at Dragon Legacy Kung Fu builds a positive mind and a healthy body, creating a balanced mind/body relationship, thus improving the overall health and quality of your life.



Coming Soon!!!

Dragon Legacy Kung Fu is getting set to publish its online Tai Chi course allowing anyone around the globe to learn Tai Chi from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with access to the internet. In this course Sifu Shane Hancock will take you through the Wudang Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form step by step with easy to follow video instruction. Learn Tai Chi at your own pace and start enjoying the many benefits that come as a result of consistent practice. Some of these benefits are: Self Awareness, Living in the Now, Centering, Relaxation, Balance, Control, Coordination, Conditioning, and many more. Learn to allow well being to flow through your life experience and to start living a more joyous life through the practice of Tai Chi!

If you would like to receive notification when the online Tai Chi course is available, please fill out the short form below and a link will be sent to your email as soon as the course is published and underway! 

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